Call for Submissions


BC Bigleaf Maple Books is accepting  Canadian memoirs to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday and to honour the Reconcilliation process that Canada is now involved in with the Indigenous population.

Our focus is on the West although we are seeking stories from the North as well, and we are definitely interested in all stories from across Canada which need to be told, and memoirs in line with our mission, see below . We are seeking stories which bridge the Indigenous and the Settler cultures somehow –  something with a positive or uplifting message to share, something related to people, plants , habitat, ecology.

Please submit books to:

BC Bigleaf Maple Books
879 w 61st Avenue
Vancouver BC V6P 2B8

We will accept any format of your document. Accepting short stories, video, manuscripts (not limited)

We will be selecting 10 finalists who will receive publishing support, and a print ready manuscript.

Our Mission:

We at BC Bigleaf Maple Books, Ltd. publish as print on demand, digital, and fine hardcopy books of colour illustrated works on Landscape Architecture, Landscape Art, Garden History, Rhododendrons and Wildflowers, Professional Memoirs, Botanical Explorations, with topics including, Western Canada, the Canadian Arctic and Permaculture.

Canada Day 2014 in Hospital

After a fall at my home, I was transported by BC Ambulance to The Emergency Ward at VGH, examined and treated, then sent up to the 6th floor recovery wing of the old newly renovated Centennial Pavilion, to recover. The window of my room faced directly North framing a view from my hospital bed of the panorama cityscape of Vancouver framed on the right from Point Atkinson lighthouse and park, over to SFU on the top of Burnaby mountain. In the foreground, false creek development pokes it’s irregular teeth of buildings onto the False Creek waters that connect with Vancouver’s outer harbour. Stanley Park and the inner harbour waters; with West and North Van City and District spreading across the Northshore mountains on the left side of the frame. Cypress Bowl, the Lions with the sky above and between Grouse Mountain along to Seymour Mountain above Indian Arm, completing the panorama I saw lying on my hospital bed.

Canada Day July, 1 2014 occurred during the time I was recovering. There were to be fireworks, so I was imaging what kind of “fine art installation’ or visual display would they put on over Beautiful Vancouver to honour our country’s confederation 147 years ago ?

On a CESO/SACO assignment in Hailar City one of China’s Inner Mongolian Provinces I had participated and witnessed the Celebration of Hong Kong’s return to ‘Mother’ China. It too had occurred on July 1, 17 years before. That night from my 6th floor hotel window in 1997, I watched the most spectacular 2 hour long display of Chinese Fireworks I had ever seen. It was grand and overwhelming. Then the city’s large agricultural dept chief, and my client, sent a car to take me down to the plaza in front of the Ag office building to join the male management staff dancing with all the female secretaries and other female support staff. I was grabbed from bed in the hotel room, and brought to the plaza in my underwear. but it seemed no one noticed as it was dark and almost everybody was either half or fully drunk. I don’t remember much more of what happened that night when Hong Kong–HUIG UI JU GUO HUAN QING.

Ceso Hailar Banquet toasting with officialsCeso Hailar celebrations toasting with officials, 1997

Canada Day, 2014, on the other hand was celebrated with a very modest and low key fireworks display from the roof of Canada Place appearing as squeezed displays of starbursts that seemed hardly ever to reach the sky above the surrounding tower building’s rooves. Down below along the wall of Canada Place were standing lighted odd shaped panels that appeared like stone stella with hieroglyphics s across them which were not readable from my distance. Such was my creative designer’s mind that I had envisioned a much more grand visual art display of laser lights and lines shooting out all the light show displays over the sky ,with fireworks bursts of stars high above the city to celebrate Canada Day, befitting Vancouver as the nation’s most beautiful city.

There was lonely hint of this idea when just before the delayed celebration began the when an orange lights lit up that ran from bottom to top and back from top to bottom on the City’s Science World. It was reflected beautifully into the water of false creek, only momentarily, but bright and large enough to show that maybe something grand and spectacular was about to happen. Alas ! it never did. So much for my
Vancouver cityscape picture from my hospital window.

BCSLA Fellows Meeting Celebrates 3 Solstice Birthdays

June 23rd at the Sylvia Hotel:

Margot Long, Cornelia Hahn Oberlander and Don Vaughan were celebrated at the BCSLA Fellows meeting  at the Sylvia Hotel.
New CSLA fellow Tony Bradwell, pictured in the last photo with CLJ was visiting from Kamloops.


BCSLA President Jaki Lowe,  master of ceremonies, presents the cakes.








The Owl Called Wanda’s Name


Wanda’s Parents


Wanda gets her small plane  pilot’s license, 1941

Copy of Copy of Wanda Hldng Baby Michael first smile for Camera

Wanda with Charles


Family Wanda Aunt Jane and AuntLu atBass Lk

With Aunty Jane at Bass Lake

Family Wanda&three Howsound

Copy of Baby Michael with motherWanda and Gdmas &GGMa

Grandma Irene, Great Grandma Ruth Beddis, first born Michael, Wanda, Grandma Peckinpah

Wanda at PurplsmokbushUchurch


CLJ Grdn Wanda sun and Rhodos-27

Family Wanda on Oregon Beach.

Copy of Wanda looks to Teesta Valy and K mtns from Rumtek monestryga Untitled-1

Wanda in Gangtok in Sikkim

Wanda with Justicia shrub Rdsde shrub in Sarawak jungle Ceso KuckNrth Wanda and Ebu native staffplnr

In Borneo

Copy of UKRkry tour Oxford BGor CambridgeWanda. jpg

Wanda in Oxford

Copy of Tr Trunkof metaseq ithWanda GGPrkSF


Wanda and $ boys on Island ferry